Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 13 - Simply Betty Stamps 13 Days of Halloween

The Final of the 13 Days of Halloween Challenge at Simply Betty Stamps.  It has been a long, creative, challenge. Sadly I had to try to guess what the final challenge would be as I am unable to be around for it. I created all of these hoping something would qualify.

Well I learned I have no idea what is going in in Betty s head LoL! This is the first time I've played along, and I have to say, it kept me thinking out of the Box from easel cards, exploding boxes, treat containers, scrapbook pages, tags, making ghosts fly, making my own background, blood splatters, colliding Christmas with Halloween, creating home décor items...all sorts of fun stuff.  Down to this...... my Potion Clock.  Each number has a potion or jars of batwings, crows feet, viper venom, Love Potion 9! LOL!  Betty had me thinking out of my box this whole challenge, and I really tried to make wow 3d creations for your viewing pleasure.  I need Betty's Address to send this to her, she totally rocks Halloween!  So, this is the end of my journey, I made it through. I hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride and sharing in my creations.  I so loved reading your comments along the way!  So, this is a wrap!
I'll be entering the following Challenge: - Day 13 - SBS 13 Days of Halloween


Bridie said...

I love the clock, I have one that's been ready to alter for oh forever! And the doggy treat bag - brilliant!

Thank you so much for leaving a lovely comment on my blog

Happy Crafting!


Bridie@BGPayne Crafts

Regan said...

WHOA!!! You just blew my mind with all these incredible projects! Each is more amazing than the last! I love the clock but your easel card is fabulous too! Love the fence die! Who makes it?

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